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Do you have darker areas on your roof? If your shingles have aged, they should soon be replaced. Dark patches on your roof could also indicate algae or moss growth on your roof, which should be removed as soon as possible. Increase the protection and energy efficiency of your home while increasing the curb appeal of your home. Shingles come in many colors to suit every taste. With a re-roofing, reshingling or roof replacement, you are improving the overall functionality of your home, your roof’s performance at keeping your family safe and warm. The longevity of your new roof will be 30 to 35 years so you won’t need to worry about it for quite a while!

We use IKO shingles; a very reputable manufacturer of shingles with a high ranking with the Better Business Bureau. The many good reviews are a good sign of the quality you can expect from these materials.

Not sure what colour shingles would match?

Use the Roof Viewer Tool on IKO’s website to visualize your roof with other colours of shingles. Here’s a link to it:

Designer Shingles in Timmins

Over time, your roofing can show signs of wear, age and damage. While this can make your house look dingy and old, there can also be instances of leaks and structural damage. Investing in a high-quality roofing system can eliminate the need for frequent roof replacements or repairs. With over 30 years in the industry, Polar Bear Windows and Doors has been providing designer shingles and roofing in and around Timmins.

Designer Shingles to Add a Personal Touch

Want a budget-friendly option to transform the look of your home? Designer shingles is your answer. They come in a range of amazing colours with added benefits such as weather proofing and UV protection. Give us call to pick your choice.

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