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About Us

Locally owned and operated, we specialize
in windows, doors, siding & roofing

We, Polar Bear Windows and Doors, have been serving Timmins and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality roofing products, siding, windows and doors from some of the most trusted brands. We offer personalized services to every customer who chooses us and we love to treat each of them like family. We take pride in offering a wide range of products to suit your home’s exterior needs. Stop by our shop today and talk to our friendly staff to discuss your next project. Our team has the skill and experience to handle projects of all types and sizes.

We are in the process of having windows, doors and siding put on. We are so impressed with the job they are doing. They put new shingles on our house a couple months ago!! They are very professional and very accommodating. I would highly recommend them!! Thank you Polar Bear!!

Meet The Team

Fully-licensed and insured outdoor home renovation experts
with over 30 years of experience 

Anna & Shawn Tyson

Owners & Operators

Marcel Beauvais

Sales Representative

Tony Sangiuliano

Project Manager

Wes Innies

Sales & Service Manager

Shawn McArthur

Sales Representative

Steve Sedgwick

Installation Crew Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

If your roof is 20-30 years old and your shingles are curling or if you have missing or broken shingles , it’s time to reshingle. Other signs that your roof needs reshingling may include light coming in through the attic and loose granules of the shingles shedding down into your gutters. Moss is also indicative of a roof that needs reshingling.

Yes! We do offer funding in order to assist you with making your home improvement dreams a reality. Polar Bear Windows and Doors has teamed up with Financeit to offer simple and adaptable installment plans. Financeit has a quick and simple application process. Financeit offers rates and adaptable arrangement choices to empower you to transform your home quickly and professionally. Go to the Financing Page on this website for more information.


Yes we are fully insured for both your protection and ours. General liability protection guarantees the security of your property when installed by us. 




A snow pack’s melting snow that has reached the eave and frozen there causes an ice dam, which is an accumulation of ice on sloped roofs of heated structures. Freezing at the eave prevents meltwater from draining, which increases the size of the ice dam and produces backup of meltwater. If the meltwater backs up in the roof, it could cause water leakage and subsequent damage to the structure and its contents.By limiting the home’s heat loss, ice dams can be avoided. Clear the roof of snow. This takes away one of the elements required for the development of an ice dam. Snow can be raked off the roof with a “roof rake” or a push broom, however this could harm the roofing components.

Obviously, if you see visible damage on a window or more, you would knowIf you feel a draft coming out of your windows you may want to consider replacing them. If your utility bills are going up because of air escaping out of your windows or icing up in the winter, that’s another sign you should be improving your windows. 


Yes! We do offer a 10% rebate to those in the know! All you have to do is ask and say you saw this offer online on our website. As for grants, the Government of Canada does have many programs available to those who want to make their home more energy efficient. We are not going to lie, these grants do need a lot of patience in filling out a myriad of paperwork. But it is indeed possible to obtain a grant of $125 to $40,000 to those who fill out the appropriate forms. Head on over to our Rebates & Grants Page on this website for more information and links to these programs.

Yes! We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all products installed by us at Polar Bear. Our warranty covers all labour and manufacturer warranties..

Even brand new, well installed windows can have condensation on them. The most well-known reason for buildup inside new windows is steam. Assuming there’s steam coming from the shower or hot pots and skillet, that will grip to the windows. Plants, which create moistness, can likewise add to inside buildup. This isn’t a reason to worry.
You can solve this issue by wiping the condensation, with an extractor fan, by opening the window, using a dehumidifier, or by making the most of vents on entryways and windows.